B-FAST visibly present at the National Holiday

Sun, 07/21/2013
B-FAST was markedly present during the festivities on National Holiday.

Since a few years B-FAST is markedly present at the festivities on National Holiday: a stand at the Rue de la Régence and a mobile detachment in the defile.

In the stand the medical facilities and the communications and information systems (CIS) were displayed. This material belongs to respectively the Field Hospital module and the module for general support and logistics. Also pictures from other B-FAST modules (USAR, WPS) were displayed.  Many visitors asked for information about the operations abroad and the functioning of B-FAST. Voluntary team and staff members stood by to give more explanation and information.

In the defile the focus was in the 10th anniversary of B-FAST. That is why B-FAST was allotted a more prominent place in the parade of vehicles.