B-FAST operations 2002

DRC - Iran - Czech Republic - Albania - Ukraine - Marocco

Overview of B-FAST operations in 2002

In 2002, B-FAST sent a team to Goma to provide help after the volcanic eruption in January. It also donated generators and medicines.

• In 2002, B-FAST various times provided help when floods struck countries such as Iran (June), the Czech Republic (August) and Albania (September). B-Fast also supplied water pumps, generators, sand bags, blankets, food and drinking water to the disaster-affected countries.

Following an accident during an air show in Ukraine in August 2002, B-FAST sent medical equipment.

At the end of 2002, the coasts of Spain and Portugal suffered heavy oil pollution following the Prestige oil-tanker disaster. B-FAST deployed a team of 30 experts as well as the necessary oil removing equipment.

In November 2002, Morocco was hit by floods and an explosion in a refinery. B-FAST sent 4 experts as well as medicines, mattresses, blankets, food and gas-detecting equipment.