Operational support
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On the basis of the RD of 2003 and of the resulting concept note, the Ministry of Defence decided to support B-FAST where the following aspects are concerned:

·         Support to the Coordination Council, in charge of the organisation of emergency aid abroad in the event of natural or man-made disasters;

·         Support to the Planning Committee in view of strategic support;

·         In case of a B-FAST operation, support to the operational centre of B-FAST as a part of the crisis centre of the FPS Foreign Affairs.

·         In case a B-FAST detachment in operation and/or exercise is deployed, the Ministry of Defence can decide to support this operation/exercise by means of:

o   a commando

o   a CIS (Communication & Information System)

o   medical material (medicines)

o   transport of personnel and material from PEUTIE to an airport in BELGIUM

o   providing cash money

o   at the request of B-FAST and after evaluation by Defence, support can be provided in the following capacities:

§  organisational support for the transport of material (customs formalities, contacts with broker,….),

§  air transport,

§  medical support,

§  engineering support

A central depot at PEUTIE is made available by Defence for storing the material for the respective B-FAST modules.