FPS Budget & Management Control

Supporting role
Rue Royale 138/b2 1000 Brussels
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FPS Budget & Management Control and B-FAST

The Federal Public Service Budget and Management Control (FPS B&MC) is tasked with assisting the Budget Minister and the Federal Government in drafting, executing and overseeing the Federal State’s annual spending and income budgets.

Among the services of the FPS B&MC, the Budget Assistance service is responsible in particular for:
• analysing the budget proposals submitted by the departments in the framework of the draft annual budget and checking that they are in line with the measures introduced by the Government in this respect;
• making recommendations on any draft law or by-law with a budgetary impact before it is submitted for the approval of the Budget Minister and the Council of Ministers;
• ensuring that the credits that are granted are not exceeded. (The commitments inspectors check that the accounting commitments precede the legal commitments.)

In this way, the annual budget proposals of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation include the credit lines concerning B-FAST’s operating costs and the purchase of durable movable property.
The latter’s spending is subject to the aforementioned recommendations and checks.

Fedcom, the Federal Accountant service, which is part of the FPS B&MC, is responsible for registering the non-fiscal spending and income of all federal public services in general and budget accounts.
It also provides the federal administration’s financial and budgetary reporting.
B-FAST spending is registered in general and budgetary accounts in Fedcom.