Water Purification System

Water treatment is a rather technical and less well-known module of B-FAST. Generally, it is used in addition to other generic modules (e.g. USAR, field hospital) of a B-FAST operation abroad. The WPS module was used i.a. in Indonesia, after the tsunami (spring 2005) but also for smaller interventions afterwards (e.g. B-FAST mission to Romania in in 2008).

The WPS module includes mainly equipment (laboratorium equipment, tubes, pumps, mobile water reservoirs, etc.). Both the equipment and the equipment operators are provided for by the FPS Public Health, the FPS Interior and the Ministry of Defense.

The WPS module is in line with the provisions of the EU regulation concerning the organisation of humanitarian emergency operations, which itself refers to the international standards of the World Health Organisation regarding the use of surface water for water treatment and for the supply of drinking water.