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The FPS Interior and B-FAST

The FPS Interior’s contribution to B-Fast is embodied by the Contingent for Relief Operations Abroad, also called DICa-DIR.

This detachment is made up of about 150 professionals and volunteers of the fire brigade and the civil protection. It can be deployed in case of earthquakes, floods, chemical incidents and other disasters. The staff not only make use of the training and expertise they acquired for interventions in their own country, but are also provided additional trainings to be able to operate in difficult circumstances abroad.

Furthermore, the FPS Interior – just like the other B-FAST departments – gives the necessary support to the operational coordination during the operation itself and to the general functioning of B-FAST.

Finally, the FPS Interior’s participation in B-FAST makes sure that the actions of this structure are totally in line with the European cooperation framework regarding international emergency relief, namely the European Mechanism of Civil Protection.